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Song and dance time at a Tuesday meeting in Murdishaw Community Centre.
Welcome to The Lunch Bunch!

We are a friends meeting group run and organised by the dedication and experience of carers and former carers within the group from Halton.

The group has been established since 2008 and its attendance has grown regularly due to its popularity.

It was formerly run by The Alzheimer's Society and is kindly supported by Halton Borough Council and fund raising by the group for its many ventures outside of the meeting place at Murdishaw Community Centre, Runcorn.

We usually meet there on Tuesday at 12:15pm until around 2:45pm.

Thanks, Reviews and Information
Many thanks to Dave Jackson from Kingsley Internet Solutions for our website. Thanks for your time, patience and understanding of our needs. Great job, it's brilliant. Credit also to Carol for her work in the background. Our appreciation and gratitude to you both.

So here we are, from humble beginnings to a global platform. You only have to say The Lunch Bunch and it puts a smile on your face. The rest is the warmth and dedication of all the friends within the group that makes it happen. Our name came from when Mum-in-law, Megan got tongue-twisted with ''Are we going out for Munch, Lunch, Bunch'' and it stuck. May God rest her soul and look after her. Martin, 27th May 2013

Many thanks to all who have visited our website. As of 15th June 2016 we have had 18,545 visits. Cheers Dave.


The Lunch Bunch have been proud to have been able to support Halton Carers Centre and Halton Borough Council by offering our time and services to recognise new and existing carers within the borough. It was set up by HCC and HBC in one of the vacant shops over a month at the shopping centre. It has been attended by some of the services within Halton who have given their advice to people as a drop-in for passers by. The Lunch Bunch attended at various times and days over the week commencing 6-11th June.


The Safe in town scheme is there to help people to keep safe and to feel safe when they are out and about. It is run by Halton Speak Out. People who are (14+) and have a learning or physical disability, people with Alzheimer’s and other Dementia and people over the age of 60 can sign up for the Safe in town scheme. When you sign up you will be given a card the size of a credit card (that fits into a wallet or purse) on which you can write the telephone number of someone that can be contacted in an emergency – this could be a friend, relative or carer.

If you are out and about and you don’t feel safe, you can go into any shop or building in the community that has the safe in town logo. If you show them your card they will phone the person you want them to call and keep you safe until that person comes to collect you.

If you would like to sign up to the scheme or need further information contact Yvonne at Halton Speak Out on 01928 588526


What a group pleasure it was to be part of the Runcorn Library presentation from Author Patricia Matthews. Pat has a book published from Grandmas hand written recipe notebook. It was also great how everybody joined in with memories of their own childhood.


Many thanks to Claire and Jemma from Catalyst in Widnes who entertained us yesterday at Murdishaw with a fun outreach presentation yesterday. It an educating and interesting event which finished with us all making plastic shapes on a key ring. Hope to see you soon when we visit you next time.