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Ease Distress

Don't worry about things out of your control
Or you'll go grey before you get old

How true this is as I'm now so grey
I've worried constantly each and everyday

As your disease has me consumed with fears
I can't relax, I worry; I'm constantly in tears

This dementia illness causes constant stress
Leaves cared for confused and others distressed

We don't know what our lives may have in store
And seeing dementia affecting others, worries us more

Some say certain therapies can help ease stress away
And we should create 'me' time from caring each day

I wish it was as easy as they make it out to be
I can't leave my loved one: I'd worry you see

That he may hurt himself, or think I've gone away
Wander out of the house or perhaps even stray

What can I do, I know I need the rest
To remove dementia worries: to ease this distress.

Much Needed Rest

I'm thinking about my nasty remarks
It was three this morning so very dark
You'd woke me up from my sleep, yet again
This habit of yours, is becoming a pain

You wake me to say what it is you can see
Or had an accident and need help from me
Then there's your walk about, this isn't fun
Or you're switching the bedside lamp from "off" to "on"

You'll empty the drawers, leave clothes on the floor
Thank goodness you can't escape, the lock's on the door
You try to get dressed, saying you want to go out
"You soft sod, It's three in the morning", you hear me shout

Then I get up fed up, moody and I'll be like this all day
But forgive me for being cruel and nasty, is all I can say
I'm deprived of my sleep; I try so hard to do my best
But it's difficult you see, without much needed rest.

I Can't Cope

I've been feeling really down of late
My mood swings and my life I hate

A holiday was meant to do me good
Now back home I wish I understood

Why I feel so tired, so weary, so sad
Instead of refreshed from rest that I've had

I know each day it's getting worse
I'm fed up of your illness, it's such a curse

It's not your fault, but the changes I've seen
From happy and funny, to aggressive and mean

The selfish attitude you're often displaying
Those hurtful words you're quite often saying

I feel no longer your wife, just a slave to your needs
Then I realise it's just dementia planting hatred seeds

But how long can I continue with this, I'm not sure
Right now, I can't cope, my emotions are raw!